Industrial and Commercial Noise

Building Compliance Testing Limited can provide you with a fast and cost effective surveys and reporting to assess industrial and commercial noise risk and provide mitigation strategies.

compliance tickBS4142 Industrial and Commercial Noise

BS 4142 is a British Standard that provides guidelines and criteria for assessing the potential impact of noise from industrial and commercial sources on nearby residential areas. Titled “Methods for Rating and Assessing Industrial and Commercial Sound,” this standard outlines procedures and criteria for evaluating noise emissions from various sources and their potential effects on the surrounding environment, particularly residential properties.

BS 4142 sets out the process for conducting noise assessments, including measurements and calculations, and it establishes specific noise level limits that should not be exceeded to prevent adverse impacts on the well-being of residents in the vicinity of industrial or commercial activities. It is a valuable tool for environmental consultants, local authorities, and businesses to ensure that noise emissions are managed in a way that minimizes disruption and potential harm to the community. 

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