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Building Compliance Testing Limited can provide comprehensive building certification services. Our dedicated team facilitates swift and effective compliance solutions, ensuring your buildings meet regulatory standards with ease and efficiency.

green tick BCTWhy Building Compliance Testing for Building Testing?

Simply, it’s in our name! Build. Comply. Building testing services involve evaluating specific aspects of a building’s performance before it is formally completed or occupied. These tests help ensure that the building meets relevant regulations and standards. Three common types of pre-completion testing services are:


SAP Calculations

We are accredited with Elmhurst Energy to carry out SAP Calculations – a requirement to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations. 

Energy Performance Certificates

We are accredited to Elmhurst Energy to carry of Energy Performance Certificates – a requirement for selling and renting all domestic properties.

Water Efficiency Calculations

Water efficiency calculations are a requirement under Part G of the Building Regulations to predict water consumption in new homes.

Overheating Analysis

Overheating simplified calculations or dynamic modelling is a requirement under Part O of the Building Regulations to reduce overheating in new homes.


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Building Compliance Testing TransparentBuilding Compliance Testing empowers the built environment sector to deliver projects that go beyond environmental planning and building regulation compliance.

From concept to completion, we provide all your compliance needs under one roof.

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