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Thermal Imaging Surveys

Building Compliance Testing Limited can provide surveys involve using infrared technology to detect and visualize temperature variations in objects or structures, identifying issues such as insulation deficiencies, electrical problems, or moisture intrusion.

Thermal Imaging Surveys

Uncover Energy Loss in Your Domestic and Commercial Buildings with Thermal Imaging Surveys – Schedule Your Survey Today!

Unlocking Enhanced Build Quality and Thermal Performance with Thermographic Surveys

Thermographic surveys are invaluable in assessing construction quality and thermal efficiency, offering non-invasive insights into thermal bridging, insulation continuity, air leakage, glazing integrity, and moisture issues. These surveys play a crucial role in fulfilling client demands for insulation checks, BREEAM certification, and diagnostics, contributing to enhanced building efficiency. To ensure accurate results, the survey requires a minimum temperature differential of 10°C between the interior and exterior, often necessitating nighttime or multi-day assessments. Clients seeking BREEAM credits must also consider factors like wind speed and precipitation in survey planning, while thermography serves various applications, including diagnosing electrical issues and inspecting photovoltaic arrays for faults or performance irregularities.

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