Contaminated land

Intrusive Site Investigation

Building Compliance Testing Limited can provide you with thorough soil sampling and logging as well generic risk assessments and quantitative analysis.

Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation

Building Compliance Testing specialises in Contaminated Land Phase II – Intrusive Site Investigations. These assessments become necessary when the initial Phase I Desktop study uncovers areas of substantial risk that cannot be managed or when additional information is needed to address potential soil or groundwater contamination concerns. The investigative process entails intrusive actions, such as soil and groundwater sampling and occasionally soil gas testing.

A Phase II Intrusive Investigation might encompass the following activities:

Excavation of trial pits or drilling of boreholes, with a comprehensive material analysis from the boreholes, along with sample testing.

Subsequent sample analysis to identify specific substances or materials outlined in the Phase I Desktop study.

Implementation of gas monitoring if the Phase I study deems it necessary.

Thorough assessment of data collected during the site investigation, sampling, and measurements to identify contamination and assess potential risks associated with the development.

Compilation of a comprehensive report summarizing the study’s methods, findings, and, if required, recommendations for appropriate remediation measures.

Methods used include:

– Hand Dug Trial Pits

– Mechanically Excavated Trial Pits

– Windowless Sampling

– Shell and Auger Drilling

– TRL/ Dynamic Probing

– SPTs

– Monitoring Well/ Borehole Installations

Other Services

We can also offer a variety of specialist services through our Partners, including:

Phase I Desktop Study and Preliminary Risk Assessment

– Groundwater, Gas and Leachate Monitoring

– Remediation Method Statement

– Verification Services

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