A New Net-Zero Agenda

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The UK’s Government Net Zero Agenda Press Release
20 September 2023

A change of pace, not direction

What’s Happening?

The purpose of this announcement is twofold: firstly, to reassure the public of the government’s unwavering commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050; and secondly, to alleviate the financial burden on individuals, given that the UK is currently surpassing earlier projections regarding the path to Net Zero.

What is Net-Zero?

Understanding Net Zero “Net zero” signifies a state where the emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere are balanced by the removal or offset of GHGs, resulting in no net increase in atmospheric GHG levels. In simpler terms, the amount of GHGs added is equaled by what is removed or offset, making it a crucial target in the battle against climate change. Achieving net zero helps limit global warming and mitigates the impacts of climate change.

What’s Changing?

Here are the key alterations:

  • Streamlining Regulations: The government is eliminating unnecessary and heavy-handed measures. This includes discarding proposals for taxing meat and flights, revising residential waste management policies, and reevaluating vehicle passenger regulations.
  • Transition Deadlines: Deadlines for transitioning to clean energy are being adjusted. For instance, the ban on the sale of fossil-fueled cars is now postponed until 2035, and the ban on gas boilers is also being delayed.


What’s the impact on the Property Sector?

These changes may not significantly affect the property sector. The deadline for achieving net-zero status (with a SAP rating of A) by 2050 remains intact. For now, gas boiler installations are likely to continue, given their typical lifespan of 15-25 years. It’s imperative to recognize that time is ticking. Managing and sequencing structural improvements within this timeframe, via planned maintenance plans, is vital. This ensures that when the 25-year mark arrives, buildings are primed for low-energy or zero-carbon technologies like Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP).

In fact, there is now a stronger incentive to shift towards low-energy and zero-carbon heating. The grant for boiler upgrades has been augmented to £7,500, a sum that can potentially fully fund a new installation of an Air-Source Heat Pump

In Summary

The United Kingdom is evolving with the end goal of becoming Net Zero. The pace of change, along with associated reductions in cost, has happened more rapidly than previously anticipated. This grants us the breathing room to meticulously work towards achieving Net Zero by 2050.

Simply put, the agenda has not changed. It is not a change of direction, merely a change of pace.