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A Sound Insulation Test measures the noise passing a property’s walls, ceilings and floors. In particular, the test assesses how much noise reaches adjacent buildings. At Building Compliance Testing, we provide comprehensive Sound Insulation Testing in Chelmsford.

Building Compliance refers to properties meeting an established set of rules. regulations and codes. Overall, the main objective is to ensure new developments meet appropriate standards. This is outlined in Approved Document E.

The requirement to have a sound test covers attached dwellings, flats or rooms-for-residential use. These can be new or converted dwellings in England and Wales but have different standards for testing.


Pre-Completion Testing (PCT)

Sound Insulation Testing


Pre-Completion Testing is the normal route to show the level of soundproofing for a building. In fact, Sound Insulation Tests apply to each type of separating wall and floor in the building.

Sound Insulation Testing - Omnidirectional Loudspeaker

Why Do I Need This?

You require sound insulation if the property is a new build. Or, if you plan to do any major construction work.

Although ‘sound insulation testing’ is an umbrella term, there are actually multiple ways of conducting the test. Different variations include:


Furthermore, it is crucial you have sound insulation Testing Clacton before completing your project. We need elements such as running power, doors in place and fitted windows.

Although the test itself takes 35-40 minutes, you should prepare as best you can. Passing requires very specific criteria, so, therefore, you cannot leave any room for error. Reducing the amount of background construction noise is beneficial too.

In fact, at Building Compliance Testing, we offer a plain-talking, simplistic approach and build lasting client relationships.


Why Use Building Compliance Testing?

  • Accredited SITMA Engineers
  • Hold at a minimum Technician status with the Institute of Acoustics
  • Provide free technical advice and on-site diagnostics to ensure quality pass results
  • Testing to Certification within 24 hours
  • Free out-of-hours testing is required, to reduce construction downtime


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