SAP Calculation in Suffolk

Are you interested in SAP Calculation in Suffolk? Well you are in luck as Building Compliance Testing are the professionals in this area!

If you are in the market for purchasing a property? Whether you are planning to purchase the house for living or for upselling, we highly recommend that you have a look into SAP Calculations, because they can drastically increase or decrease the value of the property, and if you don’t you might be buying a property that costs more to run than it is worth, essentially losing money.

What is a SAP Calculation? Well a SAP Calculation is a reading on the property to determine how much energy it takes to power the household, the chart is a scale from A to F (using the alphabet) A is essentially the best, it doesn’t take alot to power the household, making the household very cheap to run, but F is the worst, being a lot more expensive to run and in turn devaluing the property.

If you are interested in getting yourself a SAP Calculation, then Building Compliance Testing are the people to go to, get in contact with us now!



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