SAP Calculation in Ipswich

Are you interested in getting a SAP Calculation in Ipswich? Well you are in luck as Building Compliance Testing can provide you one at a great price!

A SAP Calcultion is very important, especially if you are either purchasing a building or set of buildings, or if you are planning to sell a building/buildings, this is because a SAP Calculation will determine pricing for the property depending on how much electricity it uses, as a house with poor electrical consumption will make the property cheaper and potentially harder to sell

How a SAP Calculation test works is that it will use a chart, start from A and ending at G, if you get an A then you have a really well put together energy consumption plan, however, if you get a G, then it is very poorly done and will end up costing you to either sell or own the property, so getting a certificate is a must if you plan to sell it or see one if you are in the market for buying

If you are in need of a SAP Calculation Test, then you should definitely get in contact with Building Compliance Testing!


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