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If you are planning on purchasing land to build properties on, or even have land that you plan on building on, you will need to perform a phase 1 desktop study and preliminary risk assessment to ensure than the ground you are building on is not contaminated in any fashion, this is because of the current guidance of the Environment Agency issued in October 2020!


Land Contamination Risk Management – Stage 1

Preliminary Risk Assessment


There are many other reasons why you would need to do a phase 1 desktop study and preliminary risk assessment, such as if you are planning on selling land, you need one to sell to the next owners of that land need to know its state, this is so people can not sell land that is unworthy of future developments without them knowing, which can increase or decrease the value

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Why Is Assessing Contaminated Land Important?

Brownfield Development Planning Constraints


Soil Sample

Well, especially if you are hoping to be granted planning permission. Local Authorities and Environment Agency need records of all of these things to see if a site is suitable or not.

These are some of the assessment criteria them all but are not limited to:

  1. Site Setting and Context
  2. Historical Ordnance Survey maps
  3. Geological Records
  4. Groundwater Vulnerability Maps
  5. Flood Maps
  6. Pollution incident records and regulatory records, and plenty others.


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