Noise Survey Cambridge

Noise Survey Cambridge

In Building Compliance, a noise survey provides invaluable information. They enable professionals to determine several safety factors of a building, relating to noise. Meanwhile, at Building Compliance Testing, we provide an extensive noise survey Cambridge.

Although unseen, excessive noise poses serious harm to your business. Excessive noise exposure could lead to permanent hearing damage, or loss in the worst case scenarios. As a result, noise surveys exist to prevent this from happening. Keep yourself and those working for you in safe conditions.

We understand not everyone may have heard of a noise survey. That being said, we guide and inform you throughout this process. Rest assured, with us, you are in safe hands.

So, why might your building need a noise survey? In fact, there are a few reasons. The surveys identify whether certain areas are safe to work in and whether machinery makes harmful noise levels. Moreover, they also show which workers would be exposed to the noise.

Dust and Noise Monitoring Noise Survey Cambridge

Noise Levels

Overall, you do not want the noise levels to exceed the exposure limits. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 set the standard. However, the companies themselves may also have their own limits that also apply.

Make sure to conduct these areas where harmful noise affects the workplace. For instance, workshops or an assembly line. As for the survey itself, our team measure using a sound level meter in the noisiest locations.

As with any completed noise survey, this, in turn, generates a noise map. Therefore, this useful data shows where noise hazards are in the building.

With our comprehensive Noise Survey Cambridge, we help uncover any potential noise risks affecting your building. By resolving these, you create a safer working environment for those affected.

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