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Building Compliance Testing Limited can provide you with a fast and cost effective surveys and reporting to assess environmental noise risk and provide mitigation strategies.

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Local authorities in the UK have stringent planning regulations for building new residential dwellings, and acoustics and noise considerations are a crucial part of these regulations. In many cases, local authorities will require you to meet the standards set out in British Standard 8233, also known as BS8233.

Understanding the Standards

British Standards, such as BS8233, are recognized for providing essential information and guidance on various issues, including noise. In the context of noise surveys, BS8233 offers guidance on sound insulation and noise reduction. These guidelines are designed to help reduce noise in new buildings as well as assist those renovating existing buildings or changing their use.

Noise is a critical factor in construction and can significantly impact development opportunities if not carefully considered. If your proposed property development is located near potentially noisy areas like railways, main roads, airports, busy cities, or industrial zones, it’s essential to use appropriate noise-sensitive development strategies to create a habitable environment for future residents.

Planning with Noise in Mind

To ensure the seamless success of your development plans, it’s crucial to make noise a central consideration in your planning process. If your local authority has imposed a planning condition requiring a noise impact assessment for your proposed development, Healthy Abode Acoustics can provide the necessary assistance.

What Building Compliance Testing Can Do for Your Planning Application

With a team of trained and qualified surveyors boasting years of experience, we can help your property development company by providing a BS8233 residential development noise report. We are committed to supporting your company at every stage of the development process, whether you’re an architect, contractor, or developer.

Our process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Project Discussion: We’ll start by discussing your site layouts, planning conditions, and project projections.
  2. On-Site Assessment: Our experts will visit your development site to measure the existing noise environment.
  3. Data Analysis: We’ll analyze the data collected and align it with the guidelines of BS8233.
  4. Practical Suggestions: We’ll provide practical recommendations and advice on design elements to ensure your project complies with local authority regulations and can proceed.

Once you’re satisfied with our findings, we’ll prepare a noise assessment report that you can submit to the local authority’s planning department as part of your application.

Arrange Your Noise Assessment

If you’re ready to discuss your next property development project and arrange your noise assessment report with Building Compliance Testing, please get in touch with our team via phone or email. Our qualified acousticians are here to ensure you receive a tailored acoustic report to support your planning application or address any remedial actions as needed. Your commitment to addressing noise concerns in your development can pave the way for a successful and compliant project.

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