Energy Performance Certificate in Chelmsford

Are you interested in getting an energy performance certificate in Chelmsford? Well you are in luck as Building Compliance Testing can provide you with one!

If you are aiming to sell a building that you own or have constructed, then by law it is required you have an energy performance certificate, that was brought in by the government in 2007, so why go through the lengths of purchasing all the equipment required to do one when you could easily hire building compliance testing to do it for you at a great price!

A energy performance certificate will give you a rating from A to G, A being it costs very little to provide this house with electricity, and G being it costs a lot to this house with electricity, this means that it will affect the amount CO2 emissions which will have an effect on the environment, meaning this reading cannot be too high or it shall be an issue!

If you are interested in getting yourself a energy performance certificate in Chelmsford, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us!


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