Contaminated Land Survey Cambridge

Are you searching for a contaminated land survey Cambridge? If you are then you are in luck! Building Compliance Testing can provide you one for a great price!

For your land to be sold, it is required by law that you have to have a contaminated land survey, the reason it is required to have one is due to the health and safety of others on the land, as well as potential investors in the land need to know it is safe. So it is highly recommend you get one, we recommend Building Compliance Testing as we can provide one with the least complications!

The contaminated land survey is built up of 4 different stages, Phase I Desktop Study and Preliminary Risk Assessment (Stage 1), Phase II Intrusive Site Investigation (Stage 2), Phase III Remediation Method Statement (Stage 3), Phase IV Remediation Verification and Validation (Stage 4). All of these stages are very important and will result in a successful survey!

If you are interested in getting yourself a contaminated land survey, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us!


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