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Have you just bought a piece of land with suspected contamination?

Building Compliance Testing Limited (BCT) is a specialist Building Regulation compliance testing and Environmental Planning consultancy business. They offer a range of services related to building compliance, including contaminated land surveys. Here’s how they can assist with contaminated land assessments:

Contaminated Land Surveys

BCT provides thorough and efficient contaminated land surveys, adhering to UK policy and technical guidance. The assessment follows a phased approach, as outlined below:

Phase 1 Desktop Study and Preliminary Risk Assessment (Stage 1):

  • Involves data review and risk assessment.
  • Comprehensive review of existing data related to the site.
  • Identifies potential environmental and regulatory risks associated with the land.
  • Provides an initial understanding of the site’s history, potential sources of contamination, and risks.
  • Informs the need for further investigation.

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Phase 2 Intrusive Site Investigation (Stage 2):

  • If Phase I identifies potential contamination concerns, Phase II begins.
  • Physically samples and tests soil, groundwater, or other site materials.
  • Assesses the extent and nature of contamination.
  • Provides a detailed understanding of contamination levels, distribution, and risks.

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Phase 3 Remediation Method Statement (Stage 3):

  • Develops a detailed plan for clean-up and restoration.
  • Outlines specific methods, techniques, and procedures for remediation.
  • Ensures compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Minimises risks associated with contamination.

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Phase 4 Remediation Verification and Validation (Stage 4):

  • Assesses the effectiveness of clean-up efforts.
  • Ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Validates that remediation goals have been achieved.
  • Confirms the site’s suitability for its intended use.

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BCT’s contaminated land services aim to safely and effectively remediate land, ensuring compliance with environmental standards.

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