Air Testing in Essex

While many may not recognise the term, Air Tightness Testing is very important. It plays a crucial role in maintaining new buildings, whether commercial or domestic residences. At Building Compliance Testing, we provide high-quality Air Tightness Testing Essex needs.

Let’s boil it down. What is Air Tightness Testing? Why might you need it? In simple terms, it measures the total air lost through leaks in building fabric. However, Draughts is a more common term for such an occurrence.

You need to know the energy efficiency of any new building. Owners and landlords must legally provide new residents with an Energy Performance Certificate to demonstrate this. Air Tightness Testing is another factor to ensure buildings meet requirements, such as during construction.

More recently, tougher regulations mean there is more focus on whether buildings comply. Why would buildings fail the test? The simple answer is uncontrolled air leakage. Buildings fail this test if they have a rating over 0m³/h/m² @ 50pa (7m³/h/m² at 50pa in Scotland.

However, the air leakage has unfortunate repercussions on the building. Some examples of this include coldness (causing discomfort). increased heating bills (due to the coldness). general unwanted heat loss and greater CO². As long as your building passes the test, you need not worry.

How We Do The Test

Air Testers use big fans and place them into an outdoor open space, usually a doorway. From there, the fans pressurise the building and test for differentials. As a result, any openings receive external air pressure.

Depending on a building’s size, the type of Air Tightness Testing may vary. Although there are three distinct ‘levels’, you are made aware of which applies in your case.

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