Air Quality Assessment Essex

Are you  looking for an Air Quality Assessment service Essex? Then building compliance testing is the right company for you! With over 10 years on  site experience, we are here to offer you the best Air quality assessment.

If you are looking to develop a project in a gravely polluted area it might be necessary for you to have an assessment to see whether your project has the potential to impact the existing environment.

Here at Building Compliance testing we offer this service for residential and commercial projects to determine air quality risks at early stages of development.

We have a team of very passionate people that are always at your disposal, we pride ourselves in being very approachable and reliable. We can guarantee that after your assessment you will receive a report back within 24 hours!

As a company we believe that we should be doing all that is possible to help our planet, and that is why we offer a vast amount of Environmental Planning Services.

We are knowledgeable and friendly, so don’t hesitate  to call us up if you have any doubts on whether your site might need assessing, we can either discuss it through the phone, or we can send someone down there to have it checked out! And don’t worry all advice given on the phone is free of charge, so why not just double check with our experts.

Book our services now at 01621 493 594 or send us an email at

Our relationship with our clients is very valuable to us, that is why we are very honest with our pricing.

If you have come to us previously for other services, we offer a fixed-all inclusive fee, at an overall discounted cost. 

So if you are looking for Air Quality Assessment Essex, why not give us a call and book our service today! 

This assessment is a step toward helping the environment and helping you to develop your dream project in a healthy habitat.