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If you’re looking for Sound Insulation Testing in Harlow, look no further. Building Compliance Testing provides a comprehensive test with expert advice.

So, what is Building Compliance? Why might you need it? In simple terms, this refers to a set of established rules and regulations for UK properties. Our service ensures that new builds in the UK meet the required standards, as per the law.

Which buildings require the test? Any houses, flats or rooms in use for residential purposes. You must test any new builds or buildings undergoing construction.

Although these can be new or completed, buildings in England and Wales have different standards.

As outlined in Approved Document E, the main overall objective is to ensure new dwellings meet the appropriate standards.

Sound Insulation Testing in Harlow covers separating walls and floors in the building.

However, Pre-Completion Testing helps record the soundproofing levels in buildings. In other words, reducing the noise level wherever possible.

Sound Insulation Testing

Types of Test

Overall, “Sound Insulation Testing” is an umbrella term. There are actually a number of different tests, such as:

  • Airborne Testing: Measuring the sound of airborne acoustic insulation
  • Impact Testing: Measuring noise in an adjoining room after making an ‘impact’ sound

Furthermore, you must have Sound Insulation Testing before completing your project.

In order to complete the test successfully, we require elements such as running water, fitted windows and doors in place. There cannot be any room for error.

Building Compliance Testing

As a single supplier of multiple services, we build lasting client relationships. This means we can offer a plain-talking, simple approach for each customer.

If you’re unsure about Sound Insulation Testing, we’re more than happy to get you up to speed.

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