SAP Calculation in Bury St Edmunds

Are you in search of SAP Calculation in Bury St Edmunds? Well you are in luck as Building Compliance Testing is the best in the business!

An SAP Calculation is a vital part in owning, selling, or anything to do with owning property, it will have a massive impact on the value of your home, and it is something that needs to be done properly by a registered company, and there is no better people to do a SAP Calculation for a property than Building Compliance Testing! The best compliance testing company you’ll find!

A SAP Calculation is extremely important for the property you own, especially if you aim to sell it. What is a SAP Calculation? It is essentially a measurement of how much energy a household will use, this affects the resale value of the property, alot of things affect this outcome such as building materials, insulation values, thermal Bridging, ventilation, air Tightness, heating and lighting, renewable energy technology.

If you are in need of an SAP Calculation for your property, then we highly recommend getting in contact with us!


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We understand that most people are really busy, especially if you work in the industry that requires our services! That is why we have decided to dedicate our weekends to the cause, so even if your entire week is packed up, you know that Building Compliance Testing will be available any time of the week! We are at your service when or wherever!


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