Energy Performance Certificate in Clacton

Are you searching for an energy performance certificate in Clacton? Well you are in luck as Building Compliance Testing has one ready for you!

If you are considering selling an already existing property, or especially if you are trying to sell a newly built property, it is required by the law to have an energy performance certificate, this is so the buyers of the property are aware of the amount of energy the property consumes, this will increase the price of the property if the amount of energy it consumes is above standard.

How the certificate works is that you will have a rating from A to G, A being the best and least power consuming, G being the most power consuming and the most expensive. Not only will this make the property more expensive for the tenants to run, causing the property to be lower in value, but also it will have a more negative impact on the environment, which is not good whatever way you spin it!

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