Air Tightness Testing Chelmsford

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Air Tightness Testing

Air Tightness Testing refers to air loss between a building’s fabric or envelope. In fact, all new UK developments require one of these tests.

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Let’s boil it down. Why might you need it?

Ultimately your Building Control or Inspector has asked you to provide a Certificate.

Since 2006, the Approved Document Part L stipulates the requirement to have an Air Test for new-build dwellings. Air Permeability Testing In simple terms, it measures the total air lost through leaks in building fabric.

Air Permeability Testing ensures the building meets the design air permeability rating specified in the SAP Calculation. This calculation allows for the production of a dwelling’s Energy Performance Certificate.

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How’s Air Tightness Testing Chelmsford done?

Our engineers use fans and place them into an outdoor open space, usually a doorway. From there, the fans pressurise or depressurise the building, taking multiple fan flow and pressure readings.

Any air leakage is then recorded as infiltration losses, recorded as cubic metres of air leakage per hour per square metre at 50 Pascals.

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