Air Quality Assessments in Colchester

Air Quality Assessments help evaluate reduced air quality, risking the environment. Building Compliance Testing provides robust Air Quality Assessments in Colchester.

What causes reduced air quality? The growing demand for urban housing and the decreased air quality in those areas. Before continuing with the development, you need to determine any possible repercussions.

As a result, the addition of more developments leads to more sites having poor air quality.

Air Quality Assessment Colchester

Why might you need our Air Quality Assessments in Colchester? They provide key information while working on a construction site. These assessments consider how the construction phase affects those living on or nearby the site.

If your development falls within Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs), this assessment is a necessary procedure.

In most cases, an Environmental Health Officer requests Air Quality Assessments.

However, a Local Planner may also do so during the planning submission stage. Overall, the goal is to identify how the level of air quality impacts local residents.

Local planners have a complex task. In addition to reviewing air quality, they also must consider housing requirements. New residents need to know about the air quality, as well as those already living on-site.

How The Process Works – Air Quality Assessments Colchester

When carrying out Air Quality Assessments, we keep these factors in mind:

    • Site Suitability: This is very straightforward to understand. You need to consider the location of your development. More specifically, whether there are any harmful elements. For instance, proximity to major pollution emissions or an existing AQMA.

    • Impact Assessment: This determines whether approval of the development will result in air quality deterioration. For instance, increases in traffic movement owing to the construction site.

Air Quality Assessments use pre-defined methods to identify potential risks to the local environment. Therefore, they can alleviate construction to protect local residents.

Furthermore, the local air quality requirements can impact multiple parties. On one hand, the impact on the local environment. Also, whether the construction impacts air quality.

Air Quality Assessments Colchester

Other Services

As well as Air Quality Assessments in Colchester, we also provide other specialist services through our partners. These include:

– Desktop Screening Assessments

– Project-Level Habitat Regulation Air Quality Assessments

– Diffusion Tube Studies and Real-time Monitoring of PM10 and PM2.5

– Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMP)

– Air Quality Dust Risk Assessments (AQDRA)

– Construction Environmental Monitoring

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